Chapter One


So, this is how I die. 

I watched the bastards swarm my motorcycle, my heartbreaking as I watched the bike I’d painstakingly restored over ten years disappear under a crush of bodies.

Not that she’s much use these days.

I stood on the roof, watching the horde gnash their teeth and scratched at the walls of the toilet block—their mindless rage fuelling them for hours.

Will death come from exposure or dehydration? From a rogue bastard bite? Or will I get lucky and just suffer a heart attack?

I pulled the gun from my hip, checking the chamber.


I had five bullets left, zero water, and a horde of about fifty bastards blocking my escape.

Stupid fuck. Should have abandoned her.

I watched, my heart heavy, as another bastard tripped over my bike, dragging her across the gravel, shredding her paint job.

“We had a good run, darling.” I lowered my head, closing my eyes as I mourned both of us.

Here lies Rusty and Shield, killed by a horde because the fucker decided his bike meant more than his life.

I fancied that I could hear her growling in the distance, her ghost coming to welcome me home.

My head raised, ear pricking.

“What the fuck?”

Those weren’t Rusty’s pipes. Either I was hallucinating or those were actual motorcycle engines.

Shit. Cannibal, militia, or friend?

I palmed my gun, considering my options.

“Let’s see, horde of brainless bastards ready to rip me apart?”

As if on cue, a bastard smashed into the side of the toilet block, the metal buckling under his weight.

“Or rescue with a side of the potential of a long slow torturous death?”

I raised my pistol. “Well, this is an easy fucking decision.”

With practiced ease I shot twice, taking out two bastards in the process.

The engines drew closer, their roar music to my ears.

The bastards began to grow restless, twisting and turning, bodies shaking as their primal mind attempted to decide whether to fight or flee.

Go on, fuckers. You know you want to.

Half the horde ran, taking off into the bush around the toilet block. The other half remained, advancing on the road.

The engines grew louder, the vehicles finally appearing on the road.

Two tankers, an SUV, and three bikes, well if this isn’t a Mad Max movie waiting to happen I don’t know what is.

I grinned as I clocked one of the bikes at the front of the pack.

“I’ll be fucking damned.”

I lifted a hand as the party flew down the highway, the front bike’s light flashing in acknowledgement.

The bikes dropped back, allowing the trucks to glide forward as the remaining bastards swarmed the road. The front tanker hit the horde at speed, taking out half, the second tanker cleaning up most of the remaining swarm.

“Well, that’s effective.”

I crossed my arms, wincing as a woman I didn’t recognise leaned out the window of one of the SUV’s, her black hair flying as she laid waste to the remaining bastards, the machine gun tearing rotten limbs from bone.

With a flourish the SUV skidded to a halt in front of the toilet block, the woman tilting her head to look up at me, a grin on her cute face.

“Hey,” she said, shoving glasses up her nose. “I’m Audrey. Looks like you need a rescue.”

My gaze swept down her top, the material hanging open to give me an unobstructed view of her tits, my cock hardening in response.

Oh, darling. I don’t need a rescue, I just need you.

Coming in 2022.