You Sleigh Me


Capricorn Cove – Book 9

I crave every mention of my name on her lips.


I need a million dollars. I don’t have even ten bucks in my bank, but I need a cool million by Christmas if I want to save the town’s wildlife reserve.
Enter Wolf Rodriguez, local good boy, international heartthrob, and lead singer of Metal Heart the hottest band in the world.
Oh, and my ex-highschool crush.
I just have to convince him to help me pull off the fundraiser of a lifetime… even if being around the attractive rocker turns me into a bumbling, blushing fool.
Turns out, Wolf likes that kind of thing.

This holiday I just wanted to spoil my niece, eat some pie and recharge. God, did I need to recharge. The last four years had been nothing but tours, records and screaming fans. With the new year fast approaching, I had songs to produce for our new album.
Pity my muse is missing in action.
Or at least it was, until I overheard Farrah Sharif whispering to a stuffed tortoise. The cadence of her voice, her tone, her words – all of it is revving my muse into overdrive.
So we strike a deal, in exchange for performing at her charity gig, Farrah has to let me record her voice.
Only, I didn’t expect her whispers would have me wanting to know more.
And there’s no way I expected to crave every mention of my name on her lips.
She’s slaying me. And I can’t help but love how bad it hurts.

Warning: This book is inspired by hot rock stars, ASMR, and the joy that only a good Christmas story can bring. So, escape the craziness, find someone to kiss under the mistletoe, and give yourself the gift of a great holiday read.


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