The X-List


Book 2 – Thor’s Shipbuilding Series
She’s a non-reader. The worst kind of human.


What kind of crazy person doesn’t read? Apparently my new neighbour. She’s loud, sassy, flirty and infuriatingly, annoyingly cheerful.

And a non-reader. The worst kind of human.

So why is that when I dare her to enter the charity read-a-thon, I suddenly find myself carefully curating her list?

And those books… they’re definitely not your momma’s romance.

I’m used to people underestimating me. Normally I can brush it off with a laugh. But Rune? He gets under my skin.

So when he make an off-handed comment that a non-reader like me shouldn’t bother with the town’s charity event, I can’t help but accept the challenge.

Only these books are not what I remember from the school book list. Not. Even. Close.

And Rune? Well I’m beginning to see him in a new light.

Or, should I say, hear him?

Warning: This sexy little number is inspired by hot books, men who read, and a slight exhibitionist tease. Get thee a man who knows how to handle you between the covers, and settle in — this enemies-to-lovers will have you begging for more.