The Shake-up


Book 6 – Capricorn Cove Series
This one-night-stand wasn’t meant to be permanent


Capricorn Cove | Book 6
The Shake-up
My milkshakes may bring all the boys to my bar, but that doesn’t mean they wanna hang around for dessert.

Despite being the perfect woman – attractive, confident and a world class chef – I’m not marriage material. I’ve resigned myself to that fact. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want a man in my bed.

And Mac? Or should I say, Mac-Daddy?
Well, he’s just the man I’m looking for.

Anika’s convinced this is a short thing between us. But what she doesn’t realize is she was mine from our first glance. 

If only I can convince her that we go together like salt and pepper, like meat and veg, like… well, you get the idea.

Brace, Anika, I’m about to shake up your world.

Warning: This book is inspired by oysters, strawberries and men fight for what they want. So, get thee a man, some whipped cream, and settle in — this naughty little read will have you asking for seconds.