Resolution Revolution


Capricorn Cove Series – Book 11

I’m discovering a new interest in hard woods.


Have you ever had a meme made of your name? I have. Every single day. It’s what people think about before they even meet me. “Oh, she’s such a Karen.” Charming.
In part, that’s why I keep to myself, hiding behind my microphone as the voice of The Wicked Women Podcast. Only this year my producer wants to get me out of the studio and trying new things.
So we make a set of new year resolutions, which includes me being forced out into the world.
I hate the world. The world sucks.
Or at least it did before I met Will. I find I quite like the world when it involves the foreman of our local lumber company.
And I’m discovering a new interest in hard woods….

Who thought a zip lining corporate bonding experience would turn into finding the love of my life? Not me, that’s for sure.
Karen is witty, intelligence, and I want to corrupt her. Badly.
Only problem? She’s way out of my league, and I’m just waiting for her to realize that.

Warning: This book contains hard wood. Lots and lots of it. So get thee a lumberjack and settle in, cause this new year romance is about to start off with a bang!


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