Reality Check


Book 3 – Thor’s Shipbuilding
He’s confusing, irritating and… kissable?


Unemployed, homeless and pregnant – not how I intended to spend this Thanksgiving.
To be fair, I quit my job, and no one could have predicted the flood in my apartment.
The baby? Well, that’s on me.
A tipsy hook-up at my brother’s wedding, a failed condom, and suddenly I’m stuck with my nemesis, Ian Campbell.
The man is infuriating – he looks like a red-haired Big Foot, is built like a lumberjack, and acts like a refined laird of some crumbling castle.
He’s confusing, irritating and… kissable?
No, no way. There is absolutely no possible universe in which I’m falling for the Sasquatch… right?

Liv ‘The Harpy’ Larsson is pregnant with my baby. How the good god did that happen?
I mean, I know how it happened. Those memories don’t seem to want to quit.
But now she’s in my house. And my car. And at my work. And we’re going to pregnancy classes and buying diapers, and she’s suddenly not so much a harpy as happy.
Wait. No. Do I like Liv?
Is this… love?

Warning: This book is inspired by reality TV, strong scotch, and lumberjacks. So, get thee a man, a camera, and settle in — this read will have you questioning if hate is really such a bad thing.


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