New Year Knew You


Book 5 – Capricorn Cove Series
She can’t remember. He can’t forget.


The doctors told me I have amnesia. They’ve said it’s a result of the concussion I sustained on New Year’s Eve, but I know the truth.

I’ve been transported to a parallel universe, it’s the only plausible explanation as to why I’m now living five years in the future where I’ve morphed into some kind of body-conscious diet addict who has a better relationship with my mother-in-law than my husband.

Or should I say, ex-husband. How is it that Calvin Jameson and I have gone from hopelessly devoted to separated and on the cusp of divorce?
I can’t remember, but I’m damned sure I’m going to find out.

I love my wife. The problem is, I no longer like her. After our wedding she morphed from the dorky boho with a riot of curls who loved everyone and wanted nothing more than to travel the world barefoot, to a prim and proper Stepford wife whose tongue is sharper than a sword, who judges everyone she meets and only ever shows an interest in the latest diet fad.

When Emily wakes up from a coma claiming to not remember the last five years – I’m skeptical. But then she shows signs of the old her. The woman who eats burgers with extra fries, who wants to learn how to juggle, who plays the violin naked and dreams of exploring every beach the world has to offer.

And I have to ask myself – what if I just ignore the last five years? What if this is our do-over?

I’m not sure, but one thing’s clear, it’s a new year and Emily is a woman I now want to know.

Warning: This new year love story involves a woman searching for redemption, a man who’s been burned before, and the magic that only a new year brings. This second-chance love will tug on your heartstrings, remind you to love yourself and literally burn your sheets – sometimes all in the same chapter! Get thee some tissues and a hot man to cuddle, this is going to be one angsty ride. 

Trigger warning: This book deals with body issues and eating disorders. If this is a trigger for you please consider skipping.

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