Double the D


Book 2 – Capricorn Cove Series
She wants to Double the D


I’d always watched Drake Andrews and Dane Butler from afar. Hotter than hell, I’d fantasized about my Double D’s with the kind of need that had Satan engraving my seat in Hell. When they’d left our small town, I continued to keep track even as I’d breathed a sigh of relief. I couldn’t ever risk revealing just how much I wanted them.

Only now they’re back. And that unfortunate fantasy? Well, it’s returned – sexier, harder and hotter than ever.

Bluebell McKenney was ours since the moment we’d stepped into the group home over a decade ago. Her shy glances couldn’t hide the heat in her gaze. To have the kind of future we wanted, the kind that involved all three of us, we’d had to make something of ourselves. But now we’re back and ready to claim our woman.

We weren’t meant to practically kidnap her. And the plan sure as shit wasn’t to become spellbound by her magic breasts. We weren’t meant to become lost in her curves or so enamored by her… er… charms that we forget our own damn names.

F*ck it. The plan may be blown to hell but one thing’s for sure. She’s ready for Double the D.

Warning: This romance is filled with double the entendre, double the man and double the you-know-what. Get thee a man (or two) and settle in – this unconventional love story will leave you aching for more.

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