As You Wish


Book 7.5 – Capricorn Cove Series
As you wish, Mr. Prince


I love cosplay. The costumes, the make-up, the ability to become anyone I want. Which is why Halloween is my favorite time of the year.
And this year? I need to be confident, sensual, and have just a little bit of magic on my side if I’m going to catch the eye of my brother’s best friend – Caleb Prince.
He might be the deputy sheriff of our little town, but he’s the king of my heart… if only he would look my way.

I’m what they call a serial monogamist. I’m not happy unless I’m in a relationship.
Only, none of my relationships have lasted longer than a month, and I know why. Those women weren’t Yasmin El Khoury, my best friend’s sister.
But when Yasmin walks into my Halloween party dressed as Princess Jasmine – all bets are off. Cause I’m ready to rub every lamp between here and Agrabah if I can just get my one wish… Yasmin.

Warning: This book is inspired by masks, cosplay, and handcuffs. So, get thee a partner and a blindfold or two, and settle in — this book is all treat.


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