Handcuffs and Honeypots – a Muffin Top Bonus


The flashing lights in my rear vision mirror had me pulling off to the side of the quiet road. I sighed as the car pulled in behind me, its headlights illuminating the inside of my car. I turned off my car, reaching for my purse. By the time the officer arrived at my window I had my driver’s license and registration ready.

The police officer tapped on the window and I rolled it down, offering him a smile.

“Good evening Officer”

“Ma’am.” He leaned against my window, glancing around the car. “You have an idea why I pulled you over?”

“No, sorry.” I replied. “Was I speeding?”

“We’ve had reports of drugs being trafficked through this area. You mind stepping out of the car?”

My heart leapt into my throat, my heart hammering against my ribcage. “D-d-drugs?”

“Ma’am, gonna ask you to step out of the vehicle.”

I unsnapped the seat belt, pushing the door open and getting out.

I heard his quick intake of breath as I stepped out, immediately blushing at the appreciation I saw in his eyes. I was dressed in a gold figure hugging shimmer dress with a high split up on thigh. Some people would say a girl of my size had no business wearing something so sexy. I’d say fuck them. I looked ah-fricken-mazing.

“You got somewhere to be?” He asked, stepping around me to shine a light in the car.

“I had a dinner with a friend. I’m just returning home.”

“You been drinking?”

“Only one glass of wine with dinner. That was about two hours ago.”

He nodded, leaving me to stand off to the side as he continued his examination.

“Looks clear,” he returned to my side. “Just need to do a body check and you can be on your way.”

I hesitated, glancing down the road.

“Ma’am, hands against the car, legs spread, please.”

I turned slowly, placing my hands against the bonnet of my car, spreading my legs to shoulder width. I could feel him behind me, moving into place.

“You okay, Honey?”

I nodded, turning to flick him a smile. “Of course, Sheriff.” I winked at Tristan. “Better continue, just in case you find out I’ve been a bad girl.”

He grinned, then quickly smoothed it out, his expression turning serious. “Ma’am, face the car.”

I heard the jingle of his belt, the gravel crunching under his boots as he moved into place.

For a beat his hands hovered above my hips, prolonging the anticipation. then the heat of his palms settled on me, searing through the thin fabric of my dress. He ran them down my sides, not the brisk, professional moves I knew he normally employed. This was intended to build tension, build heat, increase desire.

“Spread your legs wider.” He directed, his voice now low and growly. I shifted, aware of the cool night air, aware of the split in my dress riding up and showing far more skin than intended.

His hands ran down one of my legs, trailing fingers down my calf. He paused at my ankle, hand wrapping around it and gentle teasing the sensitive skin before shifting to start running up my other leg.

I dropped my head, eyes closing, breath becoming unsteady as he teased up my thigh, coming closer and closer to where I wanted him to touch. His hands grazed over my ass and I moaned, unable to stop the needy sound from escaping. He paused, one hand leaving my body. I heard him move then a small bag landed on the bonnet beside me.

I looked at it, my eyes widening at the small baggie filled with white powder.

“You wanna explain that?” Tristan asked, his voice serious.

“Jesus… is that…?”

He chuckled, shifting to squeeze my ass reassuringly. “No, it’s powdered candy.” He snapped back into character. “That’s a possession charge, Mrs Rodriguez.”

“Oh, Sheriff,” I breathed, wiggly a little. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” His voice was husky.

I nodded.

“Keep your hands where they are.”

I planted them, pushing out my ass towards him. He reached over, snapping handcuffs on each hand.

I bit my lip, enjoying the heavy weight of them far too much.

Tristan stepped back, settling behind me once more. He reached forward, running hands up my thighs, capturing the hem of my dress then gliding it and over the curve of my butt, sucking in a breath when he revealed me, my dress pooling at my waist.

“A g-string?”

I swayed my hips temptingly. “If I wore anything else there would be pantie lines.”

I heard his belt jingle, then his hands came back to me, one finger pulling the scrap of material to the side of my pussy, the other sliding through my wet to find my clit. We both groaned as he found his target, circling with brisk, urgent need.

“You like that, naughty girl?” He asked, his chest pressing into my back, his breath hot on my neck. “You like my hands on your pussy?”

I arched back, pressing myself into his crotch. “God, yes.”

He circled my clit, finding the rhythm that he knew was perfect to get me off.

“Sheriff, I’m going to… I’m about… I…” I broke off, my body shuddering under his ministrations as I came.

“Good girl,” he praised, pressing kisses along my neck. “Now you’re gonna take me, aren’t you?”

I nodded, my legs jelly but my body already clenching in anticipation.

He dropped one hand, using it to guide his cock to my entrance.

“This is gonna be hard,” he warned before thrusting violently into me. We both groaned, our pleasure spiking. He filled me, big, thick, and brutally rigid. I felt as if I were about to shatter into a million pleasure pieces under his hands.

“Harder,” I demanded, his hands holding my hips, keeping me still as he thrust into me. “Harder, Tristan.”

He grunted, fucking me with vigor. He shifted, and immediately I cried out. He hit my g-spot, slamming into it over and over as I slowly built, hitting a peak to break apart beneath him.

It took only another few moments for him to follow, his thrusts becoming choppy as he came inside me.

We both collapsed on the bonnet of the car, my breasts pressed into the warm hood, Tristan covering my back. For a long moment we didn’t move. Didn’t speak. Just panted in the cool night air.

“Best. Sex. Ever.” I declared, twisting my head to press a kiss to his cheek. He grinned, moving to capture my lips. We kissed, the role play now over. He broke it, hands moving down to the cuffs at my wrists.

“These okay?” He asked, unclipping them.

I nodded, waiting for him to release me. The cuffs weren’t standard issue, seeing as how they were lined with satin. Hell, Tristan was wearing a Halloween costume I’d picked up in the sales. The flashing lights had come from an app on his phone.

My husband was many things, sexy, talented with his mouth, fingers and cock, an amazing partner, a brilliantly generous human being. But one thing he was not, was a rule breaker. The man was a good boy through and through. He’d agreed to this little scenario on the proviso we did it in a location of his choosing, on a private block of land, while he wasn’t on duty or in his work uniform. He wouldn’t risk his job, our family, or me for a little rendezvous.

I loved him for it. I loved that he cared enough to still give me what I wanted, but to make it safe for me.

“You know,” he muttered, helping me stand. “In another life you’d have made a wonderful honeypot.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

He grinned, “You know, like in the spy movies. A honeypot is the woman, or man I guess, who lures an enemy agent into a trap through seduction.” He waggled his eyebrows. “You’re so fucking gorgeous you’d have any man eating out of the palm of your hand.”

My mind whirled with the possibilities. “Tristan… Could we… next time?”

He froze, his gaze heating. “You wanna be in charge, baby?”

I bit my lip, considering. “Actually, yeah. I think I do.”

He grinned, stepping back. “Get your cute ass up to the house. I’m gonna fuck you as soon as you get inside.”

I turned automatically at his order, then paused, one foot in the car. “Wait, is that a yes?”

“Baby,” he leaned in, cupping my cheek. “That’s a fuck yes.”

Then he kissed me.