Theo: Hey, it’s Theo. Full disclosure, I stole your number from Ren’s phone. We need to talk. Urgently. 

Mai: Oh god! Is Ren okay!?!? CALL ME!!!

Theo: Shit, sorry!! He’s fine, I swear! It’s just…  you made Frankie and Jay’s wedding cake, right? 

Mai: Oh god. Did you get food poisoning?!

Theo: No. Are you crazy? That cake was the bomb diggity. I just can’t get the taste out of my head. You don’t happen to make them regularly do you? 


Mai: Firstly, bomb diggity? Who still uses that? Secondly, wedding cakes? No. That was a one off.

Theo: How about regular cakes? 

Mai: Not really….

Theo: Not even if I begged? Or paid? *praying hands emoji*

Mai: Are you really trying to puppy eye me via text?

Theo: Unashamedly yes. 

Mai: This is the weirdest conversation.

Theo: I can repay you in cash, services, or goods. Do you have some paper needs? If you don’t know, I do part own a paper mill. 

Mai: I’m aware. But, no. I think I’m good. 

Theo: Come on, I’m desperate here. There has to be something you need. I’m tight with Ren, hit me with your requests. Stink bombing his car? Itching powder in his jocks? I’m not above hiding shrimp in his curtain rails.

Mai: Actually… if you find out what he wants for his birthday then I *might* consider making you a cake. 

Theo: Hallelujah! Babe, I’m on it.

Theo: He wants tickets to the Behind Eutopia tour.


Mai: You got that in 5 minutes?!? How??


Theo: I told you, I’m on it. Now… about that cake?


Mai: One layer and I refuse to do fondant.


Theo: And so begins a beautiful friendship.