Capricorn Cove Series

Welcome to Capricorn Cove, where the salt hangs heavy in the air, the waves can be heard for miles, and love always finds a way.

Capricorn Cove Series | Book 10
Revolution Resolution

Have you ever had a meme made of your name? I have. Every single day. It’s what people think about before they even meet me. “Oh, she’s such a Karen.” Charming.
In part, that’s why I keep to myself, hiding behind my microphone as the voice of The Wicked Women Podcast. Only this year my producer wants to get me out of the studio and trying new things.
So we make a set of new year resolutions, which includes me being forced out into the world.
I hate the world. The world sucks.
Or at least it did before I met Will. I find I quite like the world when it involves the foreman of our local lumber company.
And I’m discovering a new interest in hard woods….

Who thought a zip lining corporate bonding experience would turn into finding the love of my life? Not me, that’s for sure.
Karen is witty, intelligence, and as innocent as a newborn lamb.
I want to corrupt her. Badly.
Only problem? She’s way out of my league, and I’m just waiting for her to realize that.

Warning: This book contains hard wood. Lots and lots of it. So get thee a lumberjack and settle in, cause this new year romance is about to start off with a bang!


Capricorn Cove Series | Book 11
Meat Load

Full blurb coming soon – but here’s a teaser in the meantime!

He’s hilarious.
She doesn’t know how to laugh.
He’s all about fun.
She doesn’t know the word.
He’s into her.
She’s… tempted?
This is one loaded relationship.


Nameless Souls Motorcycle Series

When the world ended, their story began.

Nameless Souls MC | Book 3
I do my best work in the shadows.
Trained to be a killer, it’s all I’ve ever known. All I’ve ever cared to know.
I embrace pain and destruction, turning everything I touch into ash.
I’m a ghost. No past. No present. No future.
Until Ava.
This woman sparks a hunger in me, a dark, dangerous desire.
If I don’t fight it, it could destroy us both.
The Devil knows I’d burn the world for one taste.
God have mercy, cause I won’t.n. 

Trigger warning: This is a darker series than my other books and contains some violence. Happily ever afters are still guaranteed, but this is a gritty series so proceeded with caution. 


Archer Sibling Series

Archer Siblings | Book 3
He Wants Candy

How did I end up pet sitting a Dachshund with sleep apnea?
Well, first thing you need to know about me – I’m not a prostitute.
But there was an innocent mix-up and I may have told one small lie. Which resulted in a standing invitation to indulge in all the sex I can handle.
I turned Joe down, of course.
But then I somehow tripped and fell on Joe’s… Rooster, and now?
Well, now it’s complicated.

So I thought Dr Candy Jenkins was a hooker – sue me. 
Turns out, she’s the most intriguing woman I’ve ever met- even if she’s still a little prickly about the mistaken identity thing.
But hooker or not, I want
The only problem? 
A rogue rooster and a rather intrusive sausage dog.
But maybe, just maybe I’ll get a little sweetness after all.