Nameless Souls Motorcycle Series

When the world ended, their story began.

Nameless Souls MC | Book 4
As President of the Nameless Souls, it’s my responsibility to see my club through the darkest of nights.
Then the darkest night arrived. Our world ended.
The disease tore through our club, taking friends and family. But we held on to hope, fighting for our future.
It’s my duty to protect my people. It’s my honour to bleed for my club.
Then I met her—the woman who rips out my fucking heart.
She’s the one person in this godforsaken world I can’t protect.
But God help me, I’ll die taste.
God have mercy, cause I won’t.n. 

Trigger warning: This is a darker series than my other books and contains some violence. Happily ever afters are still guaranteed, but this is a gritty series so proceeded with caution. 


Capricorn Cove Series

Welcome to Capricorn Cove, where the salt hangs heavy in the air, the waves can be heard for miles, and love always finds a way.

Capricorn Cove Series | Book 12

“I’m afraid there’s been a mistake with your sample. Liam, you’re a father.”

Freeze my sperm, they said. You’ll want kids one day, they said. It’s totally safe, they said.
They didn’t say anything about a fertility clinic mishaps and surprise baby.
I’m a dad. I can barely look after myself and yet a twist of fate means I’m now qualified to look after a tiny human.
This is terrifying.
Or it would be, if it wasn’t for Christine—the mother of my child.
We might not have created this little one the way I’d planned, but maybe we still have a chance at being a family.


Dogg Pack Series

Join the Dogg siblings in their search for love.

Dogg Pack | Book 2
The Frock Up 

It started with a stuck zipper and ended with a man physically ripping me free of my dress.

Surprisingly, less hot than it sounds.
I’d been thanking my lucky stars that I’d never have to see him again-only to discover the skirt-destroying-good-Samaritan is my new billionaire boss.
Talk about a royal frock up.

When the woman I saved from a malfunctioning dress walks into my office, I know I’m in trouble.
She’s tall, curvy, and ridiculously easy to fluster – all my weaknesses in one.
When I find myself daydreaming about her hamburger print underwear instead of my next invention, I know I’m in trouble.
Now I just have to convince her that our relationship could be… seamless.

Warning: This instalove goodness is inspired by the author’s true-life run in with a faulty zipper, her greedy reader FB group demanding this romance, and a guy who knows how to save the world. So unzip and unwind as you enjoy this little slice of deliciousness!


Dogg Pack | Book 3
Pier Pressure

Find Pier Pressure in the Lovers Lake Collaborative Series

It’s summer, which means sunshine, sand, and awkward tan lines. What our heroes aren’t expecting? Love.
Sometimes hot days turn into steamier nights as these men find love by the lake.

All I wanted was a week with friends. A week to sit by the lake, listen to some tunes, and maybe forget for five minutes that my best friend was engaged to a guy I despised.
Well, that was the plan until Hazel called and said she and Mister-I’m-Too-Good-For-Camping had broken up.
Now it’s my chance to do something I should have done years ago, turn myself from best friend into boyfriend.
I don’t want to be the rebound. I want to be her only.
If only Hazel could see that.

Peer pressure. It’s the only reasonable explanation for why I’m on this trip.
Oh, that and wanting to escape the judgemental glares of my parents.
After breaking off my engagement to Mister-I-Don’t-Share-Fries, I just want a quiet week away with my friends. Sun, sand, and swimming is the perfect way to mend a bruised heart.
Only… my heart doesn’t feel that bruised. In fact, it feels kind of… achy. And excited. And it seems to skip every time James enters the room.
It feels a lot like… love?

Brought to you by eight of your favorite instalove authors, the Lovers Lake series is the summer romance you’ve been waiting for.


Dogg Pack | Book 4 
Bad English 

The first chapter of my happily ever after just walked into my class…. only he’s competing for my job. Talk about a plot twist.

I’m not the kind of woman people remember. Or talk about. Or see. I mean, I’ve been mistaken for a chair–more than once.
I was okay being a wallflower, a bluestocking, a spinster-in-waiting. I dedicated myself to my work and I was satisfied with my life. Happy even.
Or at least I was, until Henry.
Now I want to be seen. I want the love story. I want the hero who only has eyes for me.
Except he’s been invited to apply for the job I was promised. As perfect as this romance-reading-tea-sipping-Brit may be, there’s no way in hell I’m letting him win.
I thought this would be our love story. I think it’s about to turn into a true crime.


Dogg Pack Series | Book 5 

I’ve wanted Ryan Dogg since I was old enough to know that love is. Unfortunately, he didn’t want anything to do with surfing, love, or me.
But now he needs me for a charity Halloween event, and I am more than willing to help him out. Only, my generosity comes with strings.
Or should I say, a ring?
This time, I’m older, wiser, and willing to pull out all the tricks to get the love of my life to succumb to my charm. One little treat at a time. 

Warning: This book is inspired by hot surfers, steamy photographers, and Halloween masks. Get thee a good guy (or a bad one), some dark chocolate, and settle in — this MM read will have you asking for all the treats!


Archer Sibling Series

Everyone in New York knows the Archer siblings. Rich, beautiful, and more than a little mischievous, these siblings aren’t looking for love… right? 

Archer Siblings | Book 2
He Wants Candy

How did I end up pet sitting a Dachshund with sleep apnea?
Well, first thing you need to know about me – I’m not a prostitute.
But there was an innocent mix-up and I may have told one small lie. Which resulted in a standing invitation to indulge in all the sex I can handle.
I turned Joe down, of course.
But then I somehow tripped and fell on Joe’s… Rooster, and now?
Well, now it’s complicated.

So I thought Dr Candy Jenkins was a hooker – sue me. 
Turns out, she’s the most intriguing woman I’ve ever met- even if she’s still a little prickly about the mistaken identity thing.
But hooker or not, I want
The only problem? 
A rogue rooster and a rather intrusive sausage dog.
But maybe, just maybe I’ll get a little sweetness after all.